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Big Bay, Bloubergstrand
Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain taken from Big bay

Big Bay beach with Table Mountain in the background

Big bay is a lovely beach situated to the north of Bloubergstrand . The bay has become an important watersport and holiday destination. It has a lovely sandy beach and when the tide is out is about a hundred metres wide. To the left of Big Bay is a smaller bay and between the two bays is a clump of rocks about 200 metres offshore. At low tide one can walk out to them and fish into deeper water on the west side of the rocks. When the tide comes in water swirls in from both bays and waves smash into each other over the sandbar which one walks across to get to the rocks. The rocks become an island at high tide.

 Bigbay Bloubergstrand

The waves sweep around the rocks and crash into each other at high tide.

Big Bay is very popular as the beach is safe for swimming. The bay has been divided into areas where different activities can take place. When the swell is right the waves coming through are ideal for surfing and one is hard pressed to find a spot on a wave as the water is crowded with surfers. The bay is also a favourite spot for windsurfers especially those who like to do it in the surf. On a really windy day when the surf is not good for surfing these board sailors take over and jump waves and turn somersaults and do their thing. For those on the beach it is spectacular to watch.

A number of international windsurfing competitions have been held at Big Bay over the past couple of years. Of course when they are scheduled the wind does not blow or there is no surf. Murphy's law I suppose.

A new sport is developing here in Cape Town and the northern part of Big Bay appears to have been put aside for it. It's called Kite boarding. The boarder has a large kite which looks like a tent when on the ground attached to his body with a harness and a control bar which looks like the handlebars of a motor bike. By manipulating the kite with the control bar he is able to surf the waves with a board he has attached to his feet. The boarders surf up to an oncoming wave and use it as a springboard to let the kite lift them out of the water and allow them to fly for twenty or thirty metres before landing in the sea again.

Its exciting to watch but extremely dangerous. A nephew of mine was trying his hand at it and ended up with a couple of stitches in his head when his board hit him on his head. He now wears a helmet for protection. Other than the sporting activities the beach is a lovely place to take a walk on and you will meet hundreds of people walking their dogs.

Between the coastal road and the beach a grassed area has been laid out and people bring their picnic baskets and enjoy a day on the beach without actually having to sit in the sand.

The view of Table Mountain across the bay is quite spectacular. Many people bring their sundowners and sit and enjoy the sunsets on the beach. The best of course is that it costs nothing to use the facilities. An added bonus is that the beach is protected by lifesavers during the summer season. They are well equipped with a clubhouse and a rubber duck which they use for surf rescues if and when they occur.

Why not visit sunny South Africa and enjoy a day or two on our beaches while improving your tan. Its far better than sitting in snow storms and ice cold weather with temperatures below freezing.

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Cape Town - Big Bay Bloubergstrand
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