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Renewal of Muizenberg
Cape Town - South Africa

The old tumbledown buildings on the Muizenberg beachfront

This once major tourist attraction has lost most of its allure over the past 10 to 15 years. The scenery, the beaches and the surf are still a major attraction especially when the strong south east wind subsides on a summers evening. When this happens the sea is flat, the beaches are beautiful and people come out in their thousands to enjoy one of Cape Town's premier beaches.

New Year's day is one of those days, everybody and his friend arrives to picnic and enjoy the fantastic summer weather. The False Bay coastline which extends all the way to the Strand is a picture and offers much entertainment for the locals. It's a paradise for surfers when the wind drops and for fishermen just after a big blow when the Kob move inshore and come on the bite.

Muizenberg like Durban has a magnificent golden mile . The promenade, an attraction where one could take an evening stroll and enjoy magnificent summer evenings and the cool sea breezes after a long hot day. To the north of the promenade the children's playground, with a swimming pool, boat rides, mini golf and other attractions.

Around Christmas time the whole of Gauteng arrived in Cape Town and made their way to the beaches along False Bay. Unfortunately something went wrong! The buildings along the golden mile became tumbledown and in some instances dangerous as one does not know who is lurking in them. The once popular Empire Bioscope as it was known then has long since lost its battle with television and is boarded up. It's sad that such a beautiful area has come to this.

With any urban decay that happens, the first people to move in are the people of the night, closely followed by druggies, and their followers.

When these people arrive the residents are forced to move out or shut up and put up with whatever happens. Fortunately for Muizenberg however a number of their residents have refused to take this decay lying down. They have been fighting a battle to stem the tide of decay and have Muizenberg restored to its former glory. From reports in the newspapers it appears that they are starting to win the battle. Things are starting to happen along the Muizenberg golden mile.

A large company has spent millions of Rand purchasing the run down properties with the view to rebuilding and restoring them.

The promenade will be removed and replaced by new buildings. They will all have shops on the ground floors and the children's entertainment area behind the promenade is going to be upgraded.

Residents of Muizenberg must be sighing a big sigh of relief as property prices will once again rise and their investments will once again be worth something. Hopefully this urban renewal will force the low lifes who have moved into this once sought after area out and back to where they came from. We wish the developers and the residents of the Muizenberg area well and look forward to the completion of the project that will once again restore Muizenberg to its former glory.

My mind tells me that Muizenberg will soon become the V & A waterfront of the Southern Peninsula. Book your trip now to avoid the rush and the price increases that are bound to happen.

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