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Sea Point

Sea Point nestling at the foot of Lion's Head

The Sea Point/ Green Point coastline is one of the most densely populated areas in Cape Town. Before the advent of the V & A Waterfront it was one of the most popular areas in Cape Town to visit. The suburb is built along the lower slopes of Signal Hill and the views from the upper reaches are quite spectacular.

Unfortunately as often happens the mountainside is turned into a concrete jungle when the rich and famous build houses on the hillside. In some places the mountain side has been excavated so that a building can be erected into the hole left after the excavation. Others have built houses on stilts as the ground drops off steeply.

Not only has the hillside been built up but the stretch of land between the mountain and the sea has also. Along the coast there are many high rise blocks of flats and hotels. Some are twenty or more storeys high. In certain instances they block the views of houses built high up on the slopes of the mountain.

In Green Point which is the suburb closest to Cape Town there is more open ground than in Sea Point proper. The Green Point stadium built on the flatlands in years gone by was the home base of the local soccer side Hellenic. Before the Newlands Cricket field was upgraded a number of day /night cricket matches were also played here. What a sight it was to see local cricketers hitting sixes out of the stadium. Today it is still used for athletics and soccer matches. Its main problem however is that it is not close to a railway line so is difficult to reach for those using public transport.

On Sundays one has great difficulty even getting near to the stadium as the local flea market operators descend on the parking area and turn it into a large temporary fleamarket. In this market one can buy everything and anything. That missing cup out of your treasured teaset inherited from your grandmother is likely to turn up on a stall here. For those who love to browse this is the place to visit on a Sunday afternoon.

Near the Green Point stadium are a number of sportsfields catering for soccer, rugby and cricket. The local gym and tennis courts cater for those wanting to keep fit. One of the oldest rugby clubs in Cape Town ( Hamiltons) has its playing fields and clubhouse here. Along the beachfront stretching for a number of miles is the promenade. A pathway has been built along the edge of the sea and it is used extensively by joggers, skaters and anybody looking for exercise.

In the afternoons in summer there are thousands of people out and about enjoying the view and the fresh sea breezes. One of the main reasons for the popularity of Sea Point is that it does not get much wind. The town is sheltered behind Signal Hill which diverts the wind. The main road of Sea Point runs for miles and is lined with hotels, churches, shops, restaurants and many other types of business. Unfortunately it also contains brothels, drug dealers and prostitutes plying their trade in the evenings.

The beachfront has one or two sandy coves where sun bathers gather to work on their tans. There is also an exclusively mens beach called Graaff's Pool where men gather to swim and tan in the nude. In days of old this was all that it was, today however it is frequented by gay men and has since been demolished.

Although built up and slightly run down in certain areas Sea Point is still an attraction for visitors. The views of Robben Island, the Tygerberg to the east and the beautiful coastline of Table Bay more than make up for any negative thoughts one might have of Sea Point.

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