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Southern Right Whales
in Kalk Bay

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Kalk Bay Harbour which was once a whaling harbour

What a wonderful place we Capetonians live in. At this time of the year (October) the whales are preparing to leave our shores and are resting up in shallow waters along the False Bay coastline. They come so close inshore that when they lift their heads out of the water you can see their eyes watching you watching them.

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Two southern right whales swimming about 50 metres from the shore

In days gone by these whales would have been hunted by the whalers who were stationed in the Kalk Bay harbour. Fortunately the once almost extinct Southern Right whales have recovered their numbers and now come and laze about around the entrance to the harbour where they were dragged into after being harpooned.

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The whale is lifting its head out of the water to look at us on the shore

What a pleasure it is to stand and watch them diving, rolling over and flapping their flippers in the air so close to the shore.

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There she blows!

One can even shout the whalers cry, “ there she blows” without fear of someone putting a harpoon into these majestic animals.

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Both whales on the surface

Along our coastlines certain boats are licensed to take visitors to see the whales in the bay but here in Kalk Bay it's not necessary to hire a boat as the whales come to you.

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A Southern right whale looking like a large submarine surfacing.

What's great about this coastline is that you can catch a train from Muizenberg station and see whales from the windows of the train as your train travels along the coastline to Simonstown.

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Whale about to lift its tail out of the water

If you would like to see the whales before they leave our shores in November you should make an effort to get to the Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek or Simonstown coastline as soon as possible.

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One of the whales swimming away from the shore. See how broad its back is

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Whale taking a last look at the people lining the shore

In Fish Hoek Bay the Great White Shark that attacked and bit off the legs of a man swimming in the bay a few weeks ago is still around and whale spotters see it every day in the bay. You could also spot it from the train if you were lucky.

At the moment there is so much life in False Bay that its a sin to miss it.

Let's see you all in Kalk Bay soon.

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Cape Town Southern Right Whales