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Spier Estate

Spier Estate with one of its many dams in the foreground

The Stellenbosch area is well known for its wines and the lovely wine estates that have been established there. Stellenbosch is named after Willem Adriaan van der Stel who was the Governor of the Cape in the early 1700s. This governor was well known for his love of oak trees and of wines. When visiting the town of Stellenbosch one cannot help noticing the many oak trees that line the streets of the town and also the many vineyards in the area.

Another dam with the vineyards in the background

One of the estates which is situated about five kilometres out of the main town of Stellenbosch is the Spier Wine Estate . It is a beautiful farm which produces some lovely wines. Over and above the wines that you can enjoy on the farm when visiting it are a number of other attractions.

 Arena at Spier

The back side of the arena with some of its golden statues

The owners of the farm have built an open air arena where in the summer months a number of concerts are held. The Cape Town Symphony Orchestra features strongly on their concert itinerary and people travel from all over Cape Town to attend. On the farm they have a number of restaurants and pubs and they also cater for conventions. The farm is beautifully laid out along the banks of a small river. On both sides of it are oak trees and to the east behind the trees are the vineyards.

The restaurants are in beautifully restored Cape Dutch buildings and are surrounded by large dams and lawnsand beautiful gardens. These restaurants can supply picnic baskets for those who want to enjoy the picnic areas laid out under the trees and next to the farm dams. Although entrance to the farm is free everything else has a cost attached.

The estate is situated in the middle of the Stellenbosch wine route and as one drives towards the estate from Stellenbosch you will see a number of wine farms along the way including a number of brandy distillers. For a lovely day in the country and a picnic next to some lovely picturesque dams with some locally produced wines, Spier is the place to visit.

When visiting Cape Town take a tour of the Stellenbosch Wine Route and visit some of the estates and taste their wines. My advice is, if you are into tasting and intend visiting a number of the farms in the area, don't swallow everything you taste. There are many farms along this route and you will definitely not be sober by the time you reach the end of the tour. Well for those of you who love a sluurp, we'll see you here shoon.

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